Taste Of The Wild Dry Dog Food Update 06/2022

Does Wild Wet Dog Food Make For Nutritious Food?

What is the most nutritious type of dog food? Does it make any difference? Here is what I think:

taste of the wild dry dog food

No, it does not, you are talking about an animal that actually feeds on moist vegetation. Then there is the fact that they live in wet regions, and hence it is not necessary to feed them high protein dry dog food. In fact, many veterinarians recommend feeding dogs a low-protein dry dog food based on the natural diet of domestic dogs.

However, when you read the label of the canned or dry dog food for commercial sale in stores, it will tell you otherwise. They are in a position to label the protein content of the product. If they are reporting a high level of protein, you can be sure that it is the ingredient that will make it to the high level.

So the next time you see a dry dog food labeled as having 30 pounds of protein in the ingredient list, stop. That means very little to a dog’s digestive system.

Some manufacturers claim that the natural nutrients in wild wet dog food can improve the coat condition of dogs. Since the fur of an active dog, like a greyhound, will lose some moisture and become dry, this might well explain why it has the right number of nutrients. But this is also anecdotal and does not indicate a consensus that they are reliable.

The lack of information concerning the quality of wild wet dog food is alarming. I had heard it all before from other pet owners who have gone with that manufacturer’s product. They claimed that the good reputation of that manufacturer was the best way to explain it.

This was my first question: “Are you claiming that synthetic dry dog food is not as nutritious as natural food?” They claim that their products are no less nutritional than the commercially available and are even more so. However, these are not claims I would accept, as synthetic dog food is still genetically modified.

From this study, however, it seems that wild dog food is nutritious, at least for a dog. It should be taken into account that the study was done on greyhounds. If it were humans, which are not necessarily an ideal canine model, the results would probably be totally different.

How do you think your dog would react if given food that was extremely low in nutrition? They would probably become thin and even sickly. Such food could be just as unhealthy for humans as well.

But there is a way to find out if wild dog food is nutritionally sound. Get a sample of the raw food for your dog and have it tested. Results of that test will give you clear indications as to the nutritional value of the food.

If you read this statement carefully, it is all I am saying. As a matter of fact, if you want to know the nutritional value of wild dog food, try this: find a pure food source and eat it to discover the nutritional value. Then, find a feed store with a good reputation and make a return visit with your sample.

This is how you can tell whether a product is suitable for humans or animals. You will be amazed. Do not waste any money on a commercial dry dog food, and don’t feed your dog a dog food that is low in nutritional value, even if it claims to be nutritious.