Best Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Update 06/2022

Many of you have probably heard about Royal Canin and their line of high quality dry dog food. They are a large manufacturer and have been in business for over 30 years.

This particular company also manufactures premium kibble and raw dog food. What makes Royal Canin high quality kibble and raw dog food so special? What is the secret to their success?

There are a number of reasons why Royal Canin has been able to gain a reputation as one of the best dog food brands on the market. It all has to do with the quality ingredients they use in their products. The products are free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, and have no excess fillers or filler vitamins.

If you think that all dogs need to be on the same quality kibble, then you would be correct. But there are a number of brands out there that claim to be dog food brand and in the same breath say they are not, because they don’t use meat meal in their products. And some companies claim to be dog food, but then use filler vitamins, oils, and other unnatural ingredients.

When I talk about quality ingredients and top quality, I mean a product that has all natural sources and nothing artificial. Using all natural sources is not only healthy for your pet, it’s healthy for you as well.

Royal Canin was created as a result of a massive recall for dog food that was contaminated with melamine. Melamine was a chemical that was used to strengthen the cement in the food.

For many years this chemical had been used to create supplements for horses. However, since it was used in the food of dogs, it is banned in the United States. Fortunately, the recalled products were not popular because they were cost prohibitive for most people.

But even though Royal Canin has never used melamine in any of their products, that was not the case with the majority of dog food recalls in recent history. In fact, most recalls are for the use of artificial coloring and preservatives. The company is completely committed to the highest quality and the best ingredients available to them.

Royal Canin uses only the very best meat sources available to them, such as chicken and turkey. They are also very selective about the type of fish and other seafood they use, too. When you buy their dry food, you can rest assured that it is safe for your dog.

There is one ingredient that Royal Canin is known for that they use exclusively in their products: Australian broiler chickens. You’ll find that there are also some chicken and turkey used in their kibble and raw foods.

If you really want your dog to live long and healthy, you should take a look at the ingredients that are used in their dog food. You will be happy to know that they do not contain corn, wheat, yeast, wheat gluten, soy or casein.

You will find that they use foods that are highly nutritious and that will give your dog all the protein and other important nutrients they need to stay healthy. If you are looking for a reliable dog food brand, then you should check out Royal Canin.